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Guestia is the ultimate solution for seamless coordination and personalised experiences for teams and groups. Whether you’re organising the Formula 1 team travel or a corporate team-building retreat, Guestia elevates every aspect of your journey, ensuring an unforgettable and well-coordinated experience.


Use Guestia to Manage
All Your Travel Needs

Corporate Travel
Corporate Travel
Effortlessly organise trips for employees, keeping everyone informed and connected throughout.
Team Travel
Team Travel
Simplifies team travel coordination, enabling organisers to effortlessly manage teams.
Tour Operator
Tour Operator
Coordination of group travel to ensure that tour operators can effortlessly manage groups of any size.
Incentive Travel
Incentive Travel
Allowing organisers to create personalised itineraries, ensuring a tailored experience.
// Benefiting Teams and Groups

Elevate Your Team Travel and Group Coordination

Effortless Coordination and Communication.

With our multifunctional app, you can effortlessly coordinate all aspects of your team's travel plans in one centralised platform.

Simplified Room Allocation

With Guestia's Room Manager, organisers can efficiently allocate accommodations and easily communicate room details to guests, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

Personalised Travel and Event Information

Guestia provides personalised travel and event information to each participant, tailoring the experience to their specific needs.

Cost and Time Savings

Guestia saves valuable time and resources by eliminating manual coordination and paperwork.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Stay on top of the latest travel plans and event details with Guestia's real-time updates. Receive instant notifications for any changes or adjustments.

Team & Group Reporting

Valuable insights and data with Guestia's reporting feature. Monitor room occupancy, attendance, and other essential metrics to make informed decisions and optimise resources.

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Teams and Groups Features

Guest Groups

The segmentation of guests to create bespoke itineraries for each day of the event e.g., VIP groups, event day.


Centralise all communication with a fully auditable and secure two-way messaging feature.​

Room Manager​

Organisers can easily create and manage room inventories, ensuring every guest is assigned suitable accommodation.

Digital Itineraries

Create a range of activities to build bespoke guest itineraries, from RSVP-able to self/host check-in.

Configurable Dashboards

A customisable interface that allows different user types to have a range of widgets giving a snapshot of all data.

Real Time Analytics​

Monitor key event metrics such as registrations, check-ins and flight arrivals.

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Maximising Guestia
For Teams & Group Events

Guest Profiles

Create guest profiles to store persistent information about your guests that attend more than one event.

Import & Duplicate Events

Provides efficiency and ease for event organisers - ability to copy event information over to the upcoming event.

Guest Registration

Register any last minute guests on-site and assign itinerary items to build out bespoke itineraries.

Custom Content

Upload documents, photos and videos and link to specific guest groups to tailor their app experience.

Surveys & Feedback

In-app customisable surveys to gather information, opinions, and feedback from individuals.

Interactive POI Maps

Create location maps to highlight points of interest for your event. Pinpoint drop-offs areas, gates of entry and other key details.

Pre-Planned Messages

Ability to schedule messages ahead of the event to ensure all guests are kept up to date throughout.

Team Travel Intelligence

Create and download reports using event year actuals to budget and plan future events.

Travel Tools

A suite of useful travel widgets at your fingertips; currency convertor, weather, useful phrases feature for guests to use throughout their travel and event.

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