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Transforming Event & Travel Management

Guestia is the partner of choice for many brands, rights holders and agencies. The platform greatly reduces the need for manual processes, transforming how organisers plan, manage & communicate.

Customer Success

We onboard, train and support your team to deliver the best experience for your planners and guests.

Fully Managed

Our proven app and event platform is maintained and monitored 24/7.

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Our Platform is Built
on Four Fundamental Values

Use a single platform to plan, manage and communicate event and travel plans.
We allow our customers to manage events and travel of any size and complexity with ease.
Our Customer Success team supports you at every step of the planning process and beyond.
We are ISO27001 certified, showing our commitment to the highest levels of information security.
Guests Managed

With streamlined operations, personalised interactions, and improved communication, you can expect an unparalleled level of guest satisfaction through our app & event platform.

Events Created

From managing small groups to thousands of people – VIP hospitality, sports events, corporate travel, hospitality programs etc. 

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What Customers are Saying

Mark Norris
Mark Norris
Race Operations Director, McLaren Racing
"The Guestia App allows our travel team to plan all individual travel and logistical arrangements for our racing team. The platform enabled McLaren to provide real-time information to all team members about the changing situation. The Guestia app assists us in real-time communication with our team members, enabling us to update them quickly and effectively, keeping their health and safety a priority.”
Will Ling
Will Ling
Head of Events, RedEye Events
"We used Guestia for the first time during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, to help look after multiple clients, which included many different itineraries. Guestia has revolutionised the way we look after our guests. They had a full comprehensive itinerary in one location, we could give real time event updates through the App messaging and even drive ROI by selling value added packages”

Improving the Planning of Group Travel

Management of teams and groups made easy with Guestia. Using the powerful Guestia platform allows organisers to book complex travel arrangements at scale. Creating routes, flights, transfers and hire cars can be done quickly and easily. Hotels and room management can also be handled with minimal effort allowing Guestia to take the burden out of managing mass travel.


Centralising all data on Guestia allows for travel managers to easily update and change information at any time on the platform. Guests receive real time updates via push notifications ensuring all members are well informed for the duration of the event.  


All information and communication in one app. Communication via push notifications ensures that the whole group is up to date with all the latest changes and updates. Upload and assign tickets to guests prior to the event either individually or bulk import for guests to download to Apple Wallet. 


// Events Management Platform

Plan and Deliver
Amazing Experiences

Guestia allows organisers to easily import event information; flights, transfers, hotel information and event itineraries. The platform allows you to segment individuals into groups to make updates to itineraries simple. These updates are then communicated through the app in real time.


Ability to create a range of activities to build bespoke guest itineraries, from RVSP-able, self/host check-in and bookable activities. Set reminders for important activities via app push notifications. Ensure all guests are well informed throughout the event and centralise all communication with a fully auditable, secure two-way messaging feature. 


Guests can register anonymously, via a guest group, or prior to the event. As an organiser, you can collect as little or as much guest information required. Tailor guest app experiences through relevant information and upload documents, photos and videos. 


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Easily produce reports from the Guestia platform e.g. rooming lists, special requirements (e.g. dietary) and individual flight schedules. Data can be downloaded in a variety of file formats.



Guestia recognises the importance of accurate and consistent data across different applications. Reducing the risk of errors and enabling real-time access to up-to-date information.

System Integrations

System Integrations

Upload and assign tickets to guests prior to an event. Simply upload by individual or by a bulk import. The platform can create digital tickets from a PDF or extract barcodes so it can be download to Apple/Android Wallet.


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