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The Travel Arrangement feature serves as a comprehensive overview of all travel requirements to a specific event. Add important information about each travel arrangement so guests can stay fully informed about all travel assigned to them for the event.

  • Add lots of travel arrangements using our bulk import functionality. Quickly build out complex travel using flight, transfer and hire car import sheets. 
  • Add additional details to travel arrangements such as booking references and additional passengers.  This information also can be displayed in the mobile for guests.
  • Capture the cost of travel arrangements so event organisers can reconcile the true costs of events for budget tracking. 
  • Where travel is assigned for teams or large groups of travellers, mark a particular guest as a leader so that they are able to search for the travel details of all guests in their group within the mobile app.  This allows these leaders to respond to any questions from the group on the ground and on the go. 
  • Send notifications to guests though to the mobile app.  Send targeted messages to all guests on specific travel arrangements or notify guests to any changes to travel arrangements.

The Advantages of Using Our
Travel Arrangements Feature

Capture All Travel Types

Create various types of travel arrangements to be assigned to guests, including flights, transfer and hire cars.

Provide Contact Details

For Transfers, provide the contact details of the driver so guests on the ground can make contact.

Bookable Transfers

Transfers can be marked as bookable so guests can opt to take specific transfers and staff on the ground can manage guest lists.


Event organisers are able to send push notifications to guests in real time to the mobile app, ensuring that guests are promptly informed and updated.

Capture Travel Costs

Capture all the costs associated with each travel arrangement so the true cost of an event can be realised .

Flight Look-ups

48 hours before a flight the platform will look for any changes to the flight and provide updates to guests in the mobile app.

Travel Tickets

Travel tickets can be assigned to any travel arrangement and will be available to guests in the mobile app.

Guest View

All assigned travel to guests appears in the mobile and provides all the necessary details required for travel.

Related Features

The Travel Requests feature provides a mechanism for guest profiles to submit ad hoc travel demands or requests for travel arrangements outside of regular or pre-planned schedules.


Travel Requests

Travel Requests

Within the platform, event organisers have the capability to transmit messages to guests, communicating event details, scheduling changes, and other significant event information that guests may be required to know relating to the event.


Host Messaging

Host Messaging

The Travel Plan serves as a pivotal tool for event organisers, providing an efficient method for pre-planning headcount and travel arrangements.


Travel Plan

Travel Plan