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The Room Manager provides a visualisation overview to help with streamlining the accommodation processes and managing guests hotel stay. Working alongside the accommodation feature, Room Manager displays all key data in an easy to see, easy to use format to manage accommodation arrangements on a per venue basis across your whole event.

Guests can be added in a variety of ways into Room Manager, this includes:

  • Click and drag across dates
  • Group add by selecting guest groups
  • Bulk add from across the whole event, and
  • Automatically add start and end dates based on assigned flights

This tool also provides a visual indication of the different room rates associated with that hotel, including minimum nights stay criteria. Room Manager is able to highlight if these minimum nights stay are not met and offers an easy overview of shared accommodations.

Particularly useful for event organisers, the room manager allows for optimal room utilisation during events, enabling efficient planning for guests with staggered stays.


The advantages of using our
Room Manager Feature


Room Manager allows event organisers to map out their accommodation requirements for your entire event, across multiple venues.


Event organisers can easily see where changes have occurred or room data is not up-to-date. This quickly highlights where bookings need to be validated and updated.


The visualisation tool enables event organisers to maximise the use and occupancy of rooms, minimising empty rooms and empty nights.

Key Data

Being linked to the accommodation feature means key data like room types, room rates and occupancy are immediately available in Room Manager to begin using.

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