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End-to-End Event
Management Platform

The all-in-one event management platform and guest app that brings convenience, efficiency, and personalisation to the world of event organisation and guest management. With a powerful and user-friendly platform, we empower organisers to seamlessly manage and communicate with their guests, while providing them with an enhanced digital experience.  

With Guestia, everything you need is just a tap away. 


Supporting All
Event Types

Corporate Events
Corporate Events
streamline key processes for you VIP clients or partners, ensuring each guest's needs are met.
VIP Guests
VIP Guests
Each VIP guest receives a bespoke experience tailored to their preferences offering a unique experience.
Sports Hospitality
Sports Hospitality
All event information is stored in one app including event tickets to ensure a stress-free day for guests.
Convey schedule changes, and important messages, ensuring a streamlined guest experience.
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Redefining the Way Events and Hospitality are Managed

Streamlined Event Planning

Taking the complexity out of event planning by providing a centralised platform for all your event details.

Personalised Experiences

Allowing guests to provide preferences and requirements, creating personalised experiences for each individual.

Guest Management

Comprehensive guest management platform simplifies the entire process of managing event attendees.

Guest Communication

Send updates, reminders or event information directly to guest' devices, ensuring they are kept up to date and engaged throughout.

Real-time Updates

Stay in control of your event with Guestia's real-time updates and instant communication features.

Environmentally Conscious

Guestia embraces sustainability by eliminating the need for paper-based information packs and itineraries.

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Event Management Platform Features

Guest Registration

As an organiser, you can distribute event invitations to individual guests, to groups or create a single bulk code for all and monitor registrations.

Interactive POI Maps

Create location maps to highlight points of interest for your event.

Coupons and Vouchers

Ability to assign coupons and vouchers to guest and guest groups e.g, drink vouchers, and goodie bags

Oyster Yachts Events Management Mobile App

This allows organisers to track and manage responses from invitees regarding their attendance or participation in an event.


Centralise all communication with fully auditable, secure two-way messaging.

Monetising Opportunities

The ability to add ad-panels to link to merchandise stores, upsell opportunities and last-minute sales. ​

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Maximising Guestia
For Teams & Group Events

Media Wall

Guestia's very own social media wall. Allows guests or event organisers to share their personal highlights of the event with the rest of the event.

Custom Content

Upload documents, photos and videos or link to websites. Link to specific guest groups to tailor their app experience with additional event information.

Real Time Analytics

Monitor key event metrics such as registrations, check ins and flight arrivals.

Guest Groups

Segmentation of guests to create bespoke itineraries. Group guests in a way to best suit your event or travel e.g, event days, VIP or specific areas.


In-app customisable surveys to gather opinions and feedback from guests. Providing valuable insights to help event organisers shape improve future events

Special Requirements

Ability for event organisers or guests to highlight and input important information regarding accessibility, dietary or medical data.

Import & Duplicate Event

Provides efficiency and ease for event organisers - ability to copy event information over to future events, avoiding repetition of processes.

Configurable Dashboards

A customisable user interface that allows different users to view a range of widgets, giving a snapshot of all data that suits their specific preferences.

Event Intelligence

Use event year actuals to budget for future events.

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