Capture Feedback

Create in-app surveys with multiple question types and export results

Built-in Surveys

With Guestia you do not need to sign up to additional email based survey providers - the platform can do it all for you. Create meaningful and insightful surveys to guests and alert them to the survey using push notifications. The platform also allows you to create multiple surveys and target them to specific audience members - useful if you have a VIP element to your event.

Question Types

The platform allows users to create different question types in order to capture a variety of information. For sentiment analysis there is a free text response; for closed questions there is single response multiple choice questions; and to understand uptake there is multi-response multiple choice questions.

Export Results

Whilst real-time feedback can be viewed within the platform, you may be required to share the results with a wider audience. Users can export the results for further data manipulation and dissemination.

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