Real-Time Data

Capture Live Data

Real-time weather, currency rates, travel feeds, maps and directions

Live Data

Using a combination of data from the Guestia platform and mobile app API's there is some extremely powerful live data. All this live data is pulled in to provide the latest and best information to guests so they can make more informed decisions during their experience.

What 3 Words

The mobile app also makes use of What3Words - a simple worldwide addressing system that uses 3 words to name each 3 metre square covering the globe.


Adding in an event location into the platform helps to create the data feed for the weather widget in the mobile app.

Currency Rates

The Guestia platform allows you to set the local currency for your event and once a guest registers with their nationality the guest can begin calculating the latest currency rates within the app.

Travel Feeds

Adding flights into your event and assigning to guests will enable them to receive travel updates regarding their flight. Changes to gates, delays and flight status will update in real-time helping your guest to catch their flight.

Map & Directions

Create points of interest in the platform and choose whether to set walking or driving directions. When guests are in the app they can opt to use these directions, using their preferred map/routing app to provide directions.

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