Digital Itineraries

Digital Itineraries

Personalised digital itineraries for your guests with real-time activity updates

Digital Itineraries

Include as many or as few event activities your event requires, being safe in the knowledge that your guests will have these to hand in the mobile app. Create specific activities for all aspects of your event and assign them to the relevant guest or guest groups to create bespoke guest itineraries.

Real-time Updates

Making updates couldn't be simpler. Change the details required and save - as soon as the guest either logs back in or refreshes data the change is seen immediately. For additional impact any changes made to activities can be made with the inclusion of a push notification to alert guests to the change.

Your Complete Travel Itinerary

Once all aspects of a guests travel arrangements have been created and applied their itinerary will contain all essential details about the event. From flights, to transfers, to hotel check-ins the itinerary will lead guests to their core event activities. Guests should never need to engage directly with staff to find out "which coach they're on" or "when will we be collected from the hotel to take us back to the airport?"

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