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Helping Organisations Manage Complex Travel Requirements

Essential tools to resume safe travel in a post-COVID-19 world

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Guestia Covid App


Guestia has developed a suite of tools to enable safe travel in the post COVID-19 world. Choose which tools you want to use to help support your organization. Holistic approach including traveller physical and mental health, regulatory requirements, disaster planning and employee well-being monitoring. All of these tools are available in the proven Guestia guest management platform and mobile app. Add or remove tools as local or global situations improve/worsen (e.g. second wave of infection, reduction in lockdown measures)

Symptom Checker

Use the platform to create a simple survey checker using our pre-built templates. Notify users to provide their latest symptoms by push notification and follow up on results available in highlight reports.

Entry Requirements

Define entry requirements on a per-country basis such as Visa’s. Guests can enter document details and upload documents to evidence. Documents all stored securely in the Guestia cloud and access within the platform can be tightly controlled and monitored.

Contact Tracing

Detect exposure to illness/disease using Bluetooth contact detection. Run reports of potentially exposed app users. Anonymous notification to app users if they have been exposed. App users can opt-out/switch off the functionality (depending on company policy and controlled in the platform)

Immunity/Medical Testing

Define specific tests that app users are required to take. App users can upload test results from their phone Test results can be set to auto approve in the platform or they can be manually verified. Decide how frequently test results should be provided e.g. every 48 hours.

Vaccination Record

Specify mandatory or optional vaccinations/immunisations required for travel to an event. Guests can upload evidence of vaccines/immunisations to prove they are safe to travel. Schedule push notifications when vaccination is due to expire to alert mobile app users.

Wellness Checker

Create custom mental well-being checker using pre-built templates. Ensure your travellers are also protecting their mental well-being as well as their physical state. Enables app users to request additional emotional/mental health support. Decide how often you would like ask the questions or allow app users to provide answers ad-hoc.

Document Repository

Upload multiple documents (PDFs, images, video) in the platform which can then be made available to app users. Ensure that your employees always have the most up to date information. Notify app users of updates and new versions using push notifications. Gives your organisation the ability to quickly communicate any changes in medical or travel advice.

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