Manage & Communicate with Guests

Choose how you manage and communicate with people at either individual, group or event level

Suitable for all event types

Individual Guest Management

Taylor every facet of the event to each individual guest. Create and add data on a per guest basis to create truly bespoke itineraries. The platform allows you to define event and travel elements at a very granular level. You can then communicate with individual guests through direct notifications, set triggered events or when changes are made to their itinerary.

Grouped Guest Management

When planning larger events, Guestia appreciates that elements of guests itineraries will be shared whether that's a number of guests arriving on the same flight, or all guests with accommodation are staying at the same hotel - the platform allows you to manage guests and communicate with them in numerous groups to make event management easier.

Communicate with Guests

Guestia understands that a significant part of managing guests on an event is being able to communicate to everyone on your events. Using the Guestia platform there are a variety of ways you can keep in touch with guests whilst being selective on the size of audience.

The platform allows you to schedule messages to guests as a way of reminding them about important milestones in their itinerary. For example, "please take your seat the match is about to kick-off" or "Your transfer is due to arrive, please make your way to the hotel lobby"

You can choose to send updates to guests whenever an aspect about their itinerary changes. That way guests can always be alerted to changes to their schedules.

If required, you can send ad-hoc messages to guests to alert them to unplanned scenarios occurring during your events. For example, a message to inform guests that an entrance is closed and to use the alternative access point or wait in their hospitality suite.

Decide who you will target messages to. The platform allows you to send messages to individuals, groups of guests to to all participants on an event.

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