Manage Guest Accommodation

Allocate and manage multiple accommodation arrangements for guests

Import Room Lists

Whether you use a system for capturing accommodation or you prefer to use a spreadsheet as a working document all accommodation arrangements can be imported into the platform and sync with the guests mobile app in real-time.

Capture All Accommodation

Whether you choose to use our quick and simple room list import function or not you will be able to ensure all guest accommodation is managed within the platform. Capture Hotels - creating them as map markers, room types, room costs and manage who shares with who.

Accommodation in the Mobile App

Put the power of information in the hands of your guests; once accommodation arrangements have been assigned to guests they will instantly see this information in the mobile app. Guests will be able to track where they are staying, when they are staying there, the room type they have been allocated, if they are sharing (and with whom) and any booking/reservation numbers.

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