Eddie Jordan Invests In New Travel and Event App Guestia

A first of its kind app that will change the way event and travel professionals manage and communicate with their guests has been backed by former F1 team owner and businessman Eddie Jordan.

Designed by a team of top app developers and hospitality experts, Guestia makes the process of managing travel and events simple. It houses vital details such as tickets, itineraries and bookings in one secure platform and allows organisers to communicate this information directly to guests through an app. This removes the need for printed documents and enables organisers to make real-time itinerary amendments and share unique content to make their guests feel valued and engaged.

The software, designed specifically for sports hospitality and travel, has been tested in the high-performance world of Formula One by McLaren Racing. Guestia proved vital to help manage the team’s travel in 2020, with the complicated nature of global travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eddie Jordan has a track record of winning, running his own F1 team from 1991-2005 and notching up 19 podiums, four race wins and taking third place in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in that time. An expert TV pundit, he has been one of the most popular members of the BBC and Channel 4 F1 presenting teams, entertaining viewers with his insight and opinion.

He has also developed a broad portfolio of successful business interests, using the sharp commercial acumen he developed in the sport. Eddie will act on the board of advisors for Guestia, which alongside his investment in the business, demonstrates his belief in the potential of the app to revolutionise guest and traveller management.

Eddie Jordan said of his investment: “I’ve been involved in motorsport for a long time, and the hospitality experiences that are offered nowadays are incredible, but the way information is sent to guests, often as pdf documents, is old fashioned. Guestia solves the problem by taking things online and making the guest experience personal, so as soon as I heard about the app I wanted to be involved.

“Having owned an F1 team I understand how important it is that sponsors and their guests have a flawless experience in hospitality. I also know how complex team travel itineraries are to manage, so I know first-hand how valuable this app will be in different ways to teams up and down the pitlane. I’m looking forward to being a part of this exciting business and helping to shape its future.”

Guestia Commercial Director, Nigel Essam added: “We are thrilled to have Eddie on board. We spent a lot of time developing Guestia based on our combined expertise in software design and hospitality, and know we have a great product. Eddie’s support underlines this and his guidance will help grow our business and promote how Guestia delivers a better experience for hospitality guests.

“Guestia is also vital for those organising team travel, minimising the time spent on manual amends and removing the need for printed documents; so that a last-minute change doesn’t cause endless race booklet re-prints, or if someone’s bag is lost, all the team’s race documents aren’t compromised.

“We’re so excited about the potential of Guestia and it’s great to have Eddie’s support and backing at this stage of our business’s growth. We are looking forward to a busy year ahead, and most importantly, getting guests back to enjoying motorsport events in person.”

For media enquiries please contact: media@guestia.co.uk

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