New App Designed To Bring Guests Safely Back To Motorsport

A new app has been designed to help teams, sponsors and race organisers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and bring guests and spectators safely back to racing circuits. The Guestia Digital Event and Travel Companion provides a simple way to track the health status of both staff and guests by alerting organisers to the health status of all app users.

The app boasts an extensive suite of tools which includes the Guestia Health Hub, allowing users and organisers to record temperature measurements, self-report symptoms, provide COVID-19 test results, contact details, record quarantine periods and more. When implemented, this provides teams, hospitality providers and race organisers with a real-time solution to manage attendance at events whilst ensuring the safety of guests and staff. The information provided creates the Guestia Health Passport which can be used by organisers to ensure guests have provided the required information before attending the event. 

The Guestia Health Hub is built on the proven Guestia travel platform and mobile app, already trusted by the McLaren F1 team.

Mark Norris, Race Operations Director at McLaren Racing, stated: “The Guestia App allows our travel team to plan all individual travel and logistical arrangements for our racing team. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the platform enables McLaren to provide real-time information to all team members about the changing situation.”

He added: “The Guestia App assists us in real-time communication with our team members, enabling us to update them quickly and effectively, keeping their health and safety a priority.”

Nigel Essam, Commercial Director at Guestia, said: “The app is the first of its kind. It’s perfect for sponsors, teams and race organisers to manage guest attendance from travel itineraries to information packs and now the Health Hub. Organisers can offer paperless travel and event itineraries, individualised to guests whilst all data received is securely stored and fully GDPR compliant. The app can be fully branded to customer requirements. It’s the ideal solution for the events and hospitality sector to be able to safely re-introduce guests back to motorsport.”

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