Harbour Club Grand Prix Hospitality

The challenge posed to Guestia for the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was for Harbour Club to manage the hospitality of 300 guests per day over the official race weekend.  Although accommodation was not included as part of the hospitality offering, the app needed to provide guests with several key items of data about their experience:

  • The location of ticket collection for their hospitality suite
  • The location of the hospitality suite in the W Abu Dhabi hotel , Yas Island
  • Key timings over the weekend:
    • Race timings
    • Hospitality timings (opening, closing, food servings etc.)
    • The timings of guest speakers
  • Contact details of key personnel available
  • Useful information about the experience (local guides, hotel map etc.)

Working with Harbour Club, Guestia created an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix event that included all activity data, several items of custom content including a map of the hotel and a link to the Visit Abu Dhabi website.  Guestia used Harbour Club assets to create a branded app that reflected the company and prestige of the event.

As well as using Guestia’s features to fulfil Harbour Club’s requirements we were also able to offer further enhancements beyond the clients needs. A location map allowed guests to be able to find local amenities and attractions local to the event, as well as Abu Dhabi Airport. Finally, we provided useful phrases that could be used out in the United Arab Emirates – translating an English word or phrase into Arabic with helpful audio.

The app was well received by guests and Harbour Club acknowledged it made managing their guests significantly easier, providing key information in the app as well as being able to message guests to keep them updated to changes during the event.   

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